The 4 Elements
One night, a meteoroid fell from outer space and collided with the ground in the forest. The meteoroid was filled with a magical substance, and it spilled to the forest floor. Everything that was touching the floor immediately gained powers like no other, the powers of the elements.

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The 4 Elements

The 4 Elements- Roleplay as a water, fire, earth, or air cat. Use virtual powers and skills you learn over time.

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Gender: Female

Age: 3 years, 4 months

Appearance: Whispers has a light golden pelt that glistens in the sunlight, along with neat orange stripes that mark everywhere on her body, her ears, her legs, even her tail. Whispers has beautiful dark green eyes with a ring of light green around it, as well as a light pink nose. She is beautiful in appearance and has astonishing looks, however a light scar resides on her right front leg.  

Personality: (opt.) Find out! =3

Family/History: Whispers was born in a twoleg nest to a dead mother. Her mother had died giving birth to her. She was a normal sized kit, and knew how to take care of herself. A short month after her mother died, her twolegs gave her father to the shelter because they only wanted her. She had a sister, but they were seperated at birth. Faint memories of her sister ring in her head once in awhile. She also remembers that her name starts with an S, but nothing more.

Clan and Rank: No Clan, Loner

Element: Fire

Other: Nerp

Roleplay Sample: Whispers trotted through the forest. She suddenly thought about her twolegs, and her mother, and how they sold her father away. She began getting very angry. Her eyes glinted red and fire blazed around her paws, but she kept on walking.

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