The 4 Elements
One night, a meteoroid fell from outer space and collided with the ground in the forest. The meteoroid was filled with a magical substance, and it spilled to the forest floor. Everything that was touching the floor immediately gained powers like no other, the powers of the elements.

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The 4 Elements

The 4 Elements- Roleplay as a water, fire, earth, or air cat. Use virtual powers and skills you learn over time.

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1 Tiger on Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:05 pm


Name:: Tiger

Gender: Tom

Age: 28

Appearance: Tiger stripes across face, back, and tail. Green eyes, with gold tipped ears, and a pink nose, with s little brown spot on it.

Personality: (opt.) Humorous most of the time, angry, very rarely

Family/History: (opt.) N/A

Tribe and Rank: Loner

Element: Fire

Other: In love with Whispers eventually

Roleplay Sample: Tiger walked across the grass, his tail in flames. "I shall find someone. Someone beautiful and sweet. I can do this." Anger in his voice made flames engulf him. I hate this stupid power!

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