The 4 Elements
One night, a meteoroid fell from outer space and collided with the ground in the forest. The meteoroid was filled with a magical substance, and it spilled to the forest floor. Everything that was touching the floor immediately gained powers like no other, the powers of the elements.

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The 4 Elements

The 4 Elements- Roleplay as a water, fire, earth, or air cat. Use virtual powers and skills you learn over time.

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1 Skyfeather[delegate] on Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:20 pm


Age:4 years
Appearance: Lithe dusty blue-gray tabby she-cat with light small, paws. She has unusual aqua colored eyes, that reflect her strong connection with water. She has one tiny white paw, and the tip of her chin is white as well. She has thin jet-black stripes all over and a rosy pink nose. her right paw has an unusual swirling pattern on it. They say that she was prophecied long ago to be leader of the Watertribe.
Personality: (opt.)Sneaky:She knows many ways to trick you, without you ever finding out. She has a certain disregard for following rules, but tends to be pretty honest nonetheless.
Shy: She is very shy, and awkward around other cats.
Funny: Once she knows you, she tends to be pretty hilarious.
Loyal: She may be a little sneaky, but she does defend you if you need it.
Ferocious:She can fight better than most cats, and you do not want to pick a fight with her. You will not win. Physically and mentally.
Family/History: (opt.) Skyfeather was born in the woods with her sister Snowspots to a she-cat (she thinks) named Red. Her mother ran away after they were born. She doesn't know why. Her father's name was Mountainclaw. He raised her and her sister in the woods until they were sent to the Watertribe to live. Her father disappeared after she and her sister became pupils.
     Her mentor's name was Sloestorm. He was a small black tom-cat, recently made a warrior. He was brilliant. He taught her as much as she needed to know and more. She fell in love with him and he doesn't even know. Her element is water, but she secretly has the fire element because her mother and her father had the fire element.
Tribe and Rank: Watertribe, delegate
Element:water, and fire
Other:  She is bi-elemental, but nobody knows this except Sloestorm.
Roleplay Sample:
Skyfeather padded through a stream with a fish in her jaws. She ran through the woods, wondering why her mother abandoned her. Her mother had been very strong in the fire element. I wonder if she joined the Firetribe? she thought. I guess I'll never know, she thought despairingly.

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Wow, a great template! =OOO You may have the position Delegate.


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