The 4 Elements
One night, a meteoroid fell from outer space and collided with the ground in the forest. The meteoroid was filled with a magical substance, and it spilled to the forest floor. Everything that was touching the floor immediately gained powers like no other, the powers of the elements.

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The 4 Elements

The 4 Elements- Roleplay as a water, fire, earth, or air cat. Use virtual powers and skills you learn over time.

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Luna the Rogue

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1 Luna the Rogue on Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:44 pm


Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Appearance: She has snowy white fur that seems to glow in the sunlight along with a light pink nose and pale sky blue eyes. She has long sharp claws and despite being a short-haired cat, a fluffy white tail.
Personality: Luna is very fierce and a lot stronger than she looks. If you were to pick a fight with her there is a very small chance of winning. She is hostile to all cats and lives by the words "trust no one." She thinks defensively and is very clever. She is also an excellent swimmer.
Family/History: Luna was born in the forest and never lived in a human home. Her sister died soon after being born and she ran away from her mother as soon as she was old enough. Eventually she stumbled across a place in the forest to call home and studied herbs till she knew every one by heart.
Tribe and Rank: Rogue
Element: Water
Other: Nope. No other.
Roleplay Sample: Luna ran through the forest as fast as she could, she could not run much longer. As she ran humans chased after her. She focused her eyes on the path ahead of her and slowed her pace to a walk. She was no longer being chased. This is what relief felt like to her.

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