The 4 Elements
One night, a meteoroid fell from outer space and collided with the ground in the forest. The meteoroid was filled with a magical substance, and it spilled to the forest floor. Everything that was touching the floor immediately gained powers like no other, the powers of the elements.

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The 4 Elements

The 4 Elements- Roleplay as a water, fire, earth, or air cat. Use virtual powers and skills you learn over time.

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Leader- The leader of the tribe. Tribe cats obey them.
Kittens- The youngest of the tribes.
Pupils- They are slightly older then kittens, and are being trained by fighters how to battle and use their powers.
Fighters- They fight for the Tribe and protect those living in it.
Queens- Female cats who are pregnant in the tribe. They have no duties until their kitten(s) are born.
Seniors- The eldest and wisest of the tribe.


Loner- Cats who are neither in a tribe and have not once been a house cat. Forest born.
Rogues- Cats who were once house cats and ran away to the forest. THey are not in a tribe.
Outcasts- Tribe cats who have been kicked out.

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